Letterland Classes 2020

We are so excited to begin our Letterland journey for 2020.  If you have a 4/5 year old who is off to ‘big’ school next year, then this program is for your child (and you)!

I’ve been in contact with a few 2019 class parents and they all speak about how well their son/daughter has settled into starting school. Past parents who have children now in Year 1, 2 or 3 speak so highly of our Letterland program and what a big help it was for their child and their ability to decode words and read. The strategies we teach in the classes are the foundations for reading. As we all know, the school day is jam packed full of all sorts of bits and pieces of learning and sometimes the basics that children need, aren’t given as much time as they should in order for important concepts to be learned and developed.

Letterland is fun and engaging for the children as well as the adults! If you’d like to know more about the classes, then please get in touch. Term starts in mid February!

Tanya & Anne-Maree

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