A Photicular Book: Ocean


Imagine coming face-to-face with a brightly colored Sweetlips Fish. Or gliding after a Green Sea Turtle on his afternoon hunt for lunch. The magical follow-up to SafariOcean uses the same lenticular-based technology that transfers fluid 4-colour movies onto a book page and offers a glimpse of the world under the sea with 8 beautiful Photicular images by artist Dan Kainen. An alien-like Dumbo Octopus hovers in the inky black deep, while a vivid orange Sea Nettle Jellyfish gracefully floats by. The bioluminescent and ferocious Deep-Sea Angler glows in the dark, while a neon sea horse feeds among the kelp. A sand shark bares its teeth and the moray eel peers out of the seaweed in vivid, up-close detail. Carol Kaufmann provides information on each animal and takes readers on a first-person trip to a living into the mysterious and infinite deep—from a living coral reef all they way to the ocean floor.

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