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All natural elements are sourced from certified Australian suppliers and the product is made in Australia.

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Bio Dough is brightly coloured, made from natural ingredients, and… wait for it… scented!
Oh and you know those disgusting, dried out lumps of dough that your children cry over when they find them the next day? We’ve taken care of that. If your dough dries out, simply add a few drops of water to rehydrate.

Playing with dough refines fine motor skills, it’s a sensory interaction, it enhances hand-eye coordination, encourages creativity and can even support maths and literacy.

Most of all though, it’s just plain downright fun.

Inside this bag, you’ll find the following:
? 1 x 125 gram white – coconut scent
? 1 x 125 gram pink – fairy floss scent
? 1 x 125 red – strawberry scent
? 1 x 125 gram orange – orange scent (who’d have thought…)
? 1 x 125 gram yellow – pineapple scent
? 1 x 125 gram green – lime scent
? 1 x 125 gram blue – blueberry scent
? 1 x 125 gram purple – lavender scent
? 1 x 125 gram black – blackberry scent

We’ve purposefully left the salty taste to discourage children from eating it!

Some things to note:
? This product contacts wheat and should therefore be avoided by those with gluten
? Bio dough is recommended for children aged over 2 years old.
? To help your bio dough live its best life, we recommend storing it in an airtight
container or zip lock bag once opened.
? To clean your bio dough, leave it to dry and then brush it off or sponge with a damp towel.
? Once opened, we recommend throwing your dough away after 3 months to avoid
cross contamination.
? Unlike the organic, gluten free bread in my cupboard, Bio Dough can last up to 2 years in its original packaging.


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