Cozy Dinkum Bunny Flopsy Rose


Here for a hoppin’ good time, meet Cozy Dinkum Bunny Flopsy – the ultimate cuddle buddy! Tuck Bunny Flopsy into a Rattan Bunny Luggy or Rattan Berry Basket for a snuggly surprise come Easter morning.

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Introducing our latest and most snuggly collectible, Cozy Dinkum Bunny Flopsy! This irresistibly cuddly bunny, Bunny Flopsy, is designed for dozing in its soft, fluffy suit and playful moments of snuggles. Poseable and crafted from the plushest outer material, Bunny Flopsy features a sweet embroidered face with a charming tuft of hair.

Each Cozy Dinkum, including Bunny Flopsy, wears a non-removable suit adorned with two long, soft furry ears and a heartwarming rainbow right over their heart. Bunny Flopsy is not only a beautiful gift for newborns, bringing comfort to their snoozy days, but also a delightful addition to Dinkum Doll families, offering joy to older kids as well.

For ages 0+

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