Etch A Sketch Pocket


Together, we’re etching our way to a better tomorrow with the Etch A Sketch Pocket!

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Now made with 76% recycled plastic, this eco-friendly classic toy has delighted and inspired creativity for over 60 years, express yourself through drawing and design. The iconic Etch A Sketch red frame, easy-to-use knobs, and classic magic screen are now available in a fun, pocket-sized version for on-the-go entertainment. The magic screen captivates children of all ages, allowing them to draw, create, and erase simply by shaking the toy – perfect for endless creativity and fun. No batteries, charging, or cords are needed! the Etch A Sketch Pocket is powered entirely by your child’s imagination. Whether you’re on a road trip, a flight, or just need a screen-free activity, the Etch A Sketch Pocket is the perfect sketch pad travel toy for young artists and adventurers. Inspire your child’s creativity and keep them entertained for hours with this compact, sustainable drawing toy!

For ages 3 years+

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