Ocamora Rectangles Coloured


Children and adults alike will be drawn to this set and naturally find ways to stack, build and create. Designed for small hands to make their first constructions.

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These blocks can be used for stacking and building or integrated with other play sets. The set is also like a puzzle since children return the blocks to their tray when finished playing. This set promotes fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and balance to name a few. In addition children enjoy the soft touch of wood.

This set of 12 blocks has been created in Spain using wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils. Ocamora’s toys are 100% free from nasty chemicals which makes them safe for little ones to play with. You won’t find any instructions included and this is because these blocks are designed for free, imaginative play.

  • 12 rectangular blocks, 4cm x 8cm
  • 1 tray
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