Lilliputiens Paulette Dancing Egg


Paulette the chicken Dancing Egg from Lilliputiens is a delightful toy designed to stimulate motor skills, and aid in visual and aural development. With its silicone eggshell and cute chicken design, its sure to capture every child’s imagination and provide hours of entertainment.

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To play, gently pull the cotton rope to see her hatch from her shell. Little ones will be fascinated as they watch her vibrate back into her shell. The gentle motion and cute design of Paulette will encourage children to engage with their senses and develop their hand-eye coordination. The sound of the rope being pulled and the gentle vibration of Paulette as she returns to her shell will involve their sense of hearing and help to improve their ability to distinguish sounds. Paulette also provides an excellent opportunity to develop their fine motor skills. The act of pulling the rope encourages children to use their hands and fingers, improving their dexterity and coordination. With its cute design and simple gameplay, it can be hung anywhere at home or on travels to delight baby for hours.

All Lilliputiens toys are designed in Belgium and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements. Lilliputiens are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable toys and all stuffing used in the production of every soft toy is made from 100% polyester fibres obtained from recycled bottles.

For ages 6 months+


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