Mobi Math Game sports a little blue whale, a clever little creature ready and waiting to have some mathematical fun! The aim is to create simple maths equations as quickly as possible in a crossword style grid. Empty all tiles onto a flat playing surface. Separate the blue tiles from the white tiles. All the blue tiles are numbers. All the white tiles are operations. Mix up all the blue tiles, take 7 number tiles each …. say “GO!” … and you have a game on your hands!

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The point of the game is to use up all your blue number tiles by connecting them with equations in a crossword-style grid. (We call this a “POD”). Each player builds their own Pod. When a player has one blue tile left to place, that player says “FLIP” and ALL PLAYERS pick THREE more tiles from the centre. Keep this up until the blue tiles run out.  First player to connect all of his/her blue tiles shouts “MÖBI” and is the winner!!

For 8 years+

Mobi are passionate about creating fun number games for kids that inspire creativity and curiosity – throughout the learning process. Helping families unplug from devices and connect meaningfully with each other while having a bunch of fun.


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