Sensory Cotton Sand Green


This Educational Colours Cotton Sand helps early learners develop coordination and fine motor skills through sensory play. It has a unique, sand-like texture that can be easily moulded, stretched, and pulled apart with minimal mess. The sand comes in a large, reusable tub for easy storage when not in use.

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The cotton sand makes a great addition to sensory play and can be moulded and stretched to make unique creations.

  • The sand holds together well, helping minimise mess and comes in a reusable tub so you can pack it away easily.
  • The sand is non-toxic for your peace of mind.
  • The cotton sand is helpful for building hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in early learners, whilst also allowing them to express their creativity.
  • This is a 700 g container.
  • The cotton sand is green.
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